Finding the discipline balance.

Discipline, it’s always going to be a hot topic in society. I think because one family can have polar opposite views to the next and still both produce happy, healthy children and then adults. Lack of discipline in childhood is often noted as the main culprit in cases of youth crime etc, but when I try to think about what it is to us and the role it plays it in our family, it seems really ambiguous.

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Out of my comfort zone, into the rain.

Anyone who knows me will know I’m not the most adventurous or outdoor loving person you will encounter, (tiNY understatement!) I’ve always been the special kind of person who works out a schedule of which days to wash my hair to achieve the optimal results, according to events in my diary. This is absolutely sad, I realise! But thankfully I have loosened up-a little, in recent months. Continue reading