Out of my comfort zone, into the rain.

Anyone who knows me will know I’m not the most adventurous or outdoor loving person you will encounter, (tiNY understatement!) I’ve always been the special kind of person who works out a schedule of which days to wash my hair to achieve the optimal results, according to events in my diary. This is absolutely sad, I realise! But thankfully I have loosened up-a little, in recent months. Previously though, getting caught out in the rain, or on a day thats a bit too blustery would mess with this important timetable and therefore I would avoid adverse weather conditions at all costs.

On one occasion when Rob and I were first dating, he picked me up from my parents house, the weather was slightly unfavourable and I deemed this far too big a risk for any hair exposure, so I removed my coat, and placed it over my head, then unsteadily walked to the passenger door-coat on head. I jumped in the car, completely deadpan, took the coat off my head and noticed Rob staring at me.

“Why did you do that?” He said, looking somewhere between confused and concerned. He obviously wasn’t, at the time, used to my quirky, obsessional relationship with my hair and this was his first desensitising.

“Because I didn’t want to get my hair wet,”

“But its not raining?”

“No, but its DAMP!!!?”

It seemed absurd to me at the time that he didn’t understand the problem here.

He started laughing, almost hysterically, to which I began to realise how crazy I must have looked and eventually, became quite amused at my behaviour too.

Anyway, luckily, he adjusted to these quirks and still agreed to marry me! Just a small anecdote to demonstrate how the weather would dictate my activities- and my level of ridiculously vein hair obsession.

These days I have calmed a little, no doubt through having children and realising there are possibly quite a few other priorities, like caring for two little humans, which run substantially higher on the list!!

Recently, during a random moaning about the state of the weather and how the rain can really hinder plans with kids, you know the spiel, someone said something which really made me think. It was someone particularly inspirational, who I have met recently in the Home Ed community. She told me that she and her son actually really love to go out walking in the rain together, they put on all the recommended protective clothing then just go out and walk and everything is completely okay after!

This is not something that would ever have crossed my mind to try, but it just seemed like such a cool, yet completely simple thing, and how we don’t often consider if the children actually care about ‘favourable’ weather like we do.

It got me thinking about all the things I still don’t do due to, in truth, mild weather conditions and how much the children love to be outside, everyday if they can, whatever the weather. Over the last 9 months we have spent so much more time outside, and I considered how much it has impacted us positively as a family.

I recently purchased a pair of wellies, (big step), and this week, we went out in the rain. We planned it, wore the right clothing, felt the rain on our faces, twirled around with umbrellas and jumped in puddles. We couldn’t be outside for as long as a dry day as the children did start to get cold, but we had so much fun together.


The first things that used to come to my mind when offered a day out of my choice would typically be along the lines of a trip to Bluewater or Ikea, now I’m actually much more inclined to suggest a visit to a castle or park or just go for a massive walk along the seafront, together, and cliche as it is, it really is so much more fulfilling! Totally obvious I guess, but the increase in outside time, which we knew the children craved against being sat in a classroom for large lumps of the day, has actually really contributed to the health and wellbeing of everyone in the family.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love the occasional trip to a huge shopping centre, am reasonably particular about my hair and you won’t catch me competing in ‘Tough Mudder’ anytime soon, but I’ve realised how important it is to get outside regardless of the weather and just breathe and move, as much as we can.

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